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A virtual assistant websites is a character on the site that attracts the interest of users and conveys basic information to them.

Its presence increases sales several times. The user does not need to search for the necessary material.

Everyone knows that many users do not read texts, and in most cases they simply view them. Therefore, it is easy to miss important information.

The virtual assistant will indicate the main points in an unobtrusive way.

He keeps the user on the web resource and causes him positive emotions, causes interest in the company and the products sold by it, helps to perceive information, aims customers to purchase products and is a powerful incentive for the client to learn as much as possible about the activities of the company.

His merits are undeniable.

He will clearly convey the basic information necessary to make a decision about making a purchase;

Keeps users on the site

Increases sales

Provides competitive advantage

Increases the level of service and image of the company

Visitors who have visited the site, share links with friends

Working around the clock and seven days a week. He alone will be able to replace a whole staff of call center specialists;

He is always in a good mood, and he can repeat the answer to a given question ad infinitude;

No need to install additional software. Its installation will not affect the speed of loading the resource, but the return from the site will increase.

Virtual Assistant shares relevant news – about ongoing promotions and sales, new products, changes in work schedules and brand.

Imagine how nice it would be if a virtual assistant congratulates you on a holiday on behalf of the company.

He will not be able to get bored.

The user can click to pause at any time.

It is possible to configure one show to one user and temporarily disable it if it is not needed.

But the most suitable option is to update the script and the text.

The image and text of the character are developed by marketing copywriters, and professional actors are cast as virtual assistants.


In this article we looked at the topic Virtual Assistant on the site, why it is needed and the advantages of its installation.

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