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The site is structured so that you can easily find the necessary information. Each section contains an alphabetical index of subsections. Articles are divided into paragraphs. For ease of navigation, each informational article has a content with the names of items and sub-items. When you click on the name, the user automatically gets to the specified place in the article.

Slot machines:

In the ” Slot Machines ” section there are descriptions of online slot machines, as well as demo versions of online slots. This is the development of leading manufacturers of gaming software: BetSoft Gaming , Gaminator Novomatic , IGT , Microgaming , Net Entertainment , Playtech and others. You can familiarize yourself with the rules of the slot machine, the main symbols and try a free game right on the site.

Each article for the gaming machine contains a detailed description of the rules and the game itself. Wiki Casino positions itself as an information resource, therefore only demos of games are presented on the site. Opportunities to play for money is not provided. The rules of the game include basic symbols, special character functions, transition conditions, and bonus round rules.

Types of Roulette:

This subsection contains descriptions of all types of roulette ( American , European , French , Card Roulette , Roulette without zero, Roulette Boule, Roulette with track). For all varieties, the rules of the game, features of the arrangement of numbers on the wheel, the playing field, bets, chips, and oral bets are described. There are special rules (“La Partage”, “En Prison”, “Surrender”) for playing roulette, returns for roulettes without zero, with one and two sectors of zero.

Articles in this section contain free versions of roulettes. They are presented for reference only and trial play. This information will be needed for each player who plans to play roulette for money at online casinos in the future.


The “ Celebrities ” section tells about the life path of successful roulette players (Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo, Joseph Jagger, Charles Wells). You will learn about their career, roulette discoveries and major achievements. Some of these people are considered roulette parents. In honor of Charles Wells, even filmed a famous film. Find out how famous roulette players lived and became famous.

Roulette Strategy:

Any successful game is built on a sound strategy. Get familiar with various roulette strategiesin the casino can be on the page casinowikipedia. These strategies show good results. The site provides information on how to bet and win at roulette. The most popular strategies are: d’Alembert, Counter d’Alembert, Donald-Nathanson, Counter Donald-Nathanson, 20 to 20. First, it is better to become familiar with strategies theoretically. Then you have the opportunity to test them in practice. Some strategies recommend using for specific types of roulette. What is the best way to do you? Read information about specific tactics, highlight key features, start a free roulette and check the strategy in practice. Consider, sometimes it is impossible to think everything in advance. Roulette is a gamble, so the will of the case often decides.


In the section Poker presents the rules of different types of poker. It describes the rules of the game and other useful information for beginners and professional players. The basic concepts and basic combinations of poker are presented (royal-flush, straight-flush, square, full house, flash, straight, set, etc.). You will become familiar with terms such as bet, table, bank, betting, pocket cards, preflop, postflop, etc.


Depending on the type and rules of poker, different tactics of playing the game are distinguished . This section presents the strategy of a tournament game and the strategy of a cash game. Such concepts as aggressive, tight, passive and loose style are revealed. Considered their features, advantages and disadvantages. The last decision on how to behave in each round of the trade is made by the player himself. Also described are the types and strength of poker hands (Wrap, Street Draw, Monster Hand, Marginal Hand, etc.). The information in this section only introduces you to the basic concepts. The player must choose the style and tactics of the game himself.


It is always interesting to learn about career achievements and the path to success of professionals in the field in which you are interested. Poker celebrities : Alexander Kostritsyn, Mike Caro, John Juanda, Benny Binion and other professional players. The life course of the players, their tournament achievements, bracelets, winnings are all in this section. You will learn a lot about poker stars, starting with their childhood and learning and ending with tournament achievements. Their game practice inspires and allows you to become a true professional from a novice player. Revealed the secrets of some celebrities. Surely you will have an interesting biography of Gus Hansen. This is the only poker player who got three titles on the World Poker Tour. This rubric is constantly updated.

Types of Poker:

You can get acquainted with each type of poker and specific rules of poker for beginners in this section. The most popular types of poker: Texas Hold’em , Omaha , Stud , Draw Poker , Badugi . The basis of everything is a deck of 52 cards, a set of combinations and the presence of trade. Specific rules vary by type of poker. Articles are illustrated with instructional pictures so that the player can quickly understand the rules.


The Math in Poker section describes such concepts as expectation, poker theorem, different approaches to the game, and concepts related to the mathematical approach to the game of poker. Information is needed to calculate pot odds and poker outs. Poker mathematics is the basis of a profitable game. Mathematical basics will help the player to consistently win in poker. Key concepts are expectation, variance and pot odds. Calculations give only an approximate result and help to make the right decision. We do not know the opponent’s cards, but only learn to predict them. Every player who plans to change the status of a beginner to a professional should master the math of poker.

Poker rooms:

In the subsection ” Poker Rooms ” you will find descriptions of the largest poker sites in the world. Party Poker, PokerStars, Titan Poker, RedStar Poker and other famous poker rooms. On the pages of this section are collected together important information about poker rooms: the history of the appearance, software, team members, types of poker, poker tours, conditions for obtaining VIP status. The choice of poker room plays a crucial role in the future poker career of the player.


The most common slang for poker situations ( slang in poker ) are presented on the site. These are not official terms, but slang expressions that cannot be found in ordinary dictionaries. Why do we need slang? In the process of playing in poker rooms, in the chat you are constantly chatting with players. It’s better not to use your abbreviations, they may not understand them. Knowledge of poker jargon will help you quickly navigate and communicate with other players in online poker.

Black Jack:

Another equally popular card game among gamblers is blackjack . It also spread through online casinos and won the love of the players. To learn how to win in blackjack, you need to familiarize yourself with the rules and tactics of the game. Each species uses its own basic strategies. They are described in the relevant sections.

Blackjack Types:

Here you will learn about the main varieties of this game, features of development and rules. Blackjack Types : Spanish 21, Super Fan 21, One SD Deck, Double Exposure, and others. Considered the rules of each variety. You can focus on the classics – “Twenty-one.” Some varieties of the game have small differences, others practically nothing in common with the classic game. In the articles of this section, specific features are indicated: the course of the game, the levels of rates and additional features (double, split, etc.).

Blackjack strategies:

Learn basic blackjack strategies and systems. The basic strategy is the basis for everything. Also in this section we consider the following strategies of the game: Basic, HiLo, Hi-Opt and Unbalanced 10. Describes the rules for scoring and the actions of players. Tables of probability of loss of combinations will help to predict the final combination. The miscalculation of risks, probabilities of dropping out of a different number of points in oneself and in the dealer are the key points of winning in blackjack.

Online casino:

The section ” Online casino ” contains articles on modern online casinos. You will learn what honesty control at a casino is, what deposits, bets and bonuses are. There are reviews of honest online casinos, their working conditions, bonuses, conditions for depositing and withdrawing funds. Reviews Vulcan casino wiki and other world platforms will give a full presentation on the work and features of gaming projects.

Information is also posted on existing and planned to open gambling zones of Russia. Russian legislation prohibits gambling in the country. The exception is the work of four gambling zones in Russia: Azov-City, Siberian Coin, Primorye and Amber. It describes the activities of each gambling zone: the history of creation, location, investment, profit, the possibility of further expansion.

Casino movies:

In the casino section “ Films about casinos ” you will find a full catalog of films dedicated to gambling topics. Films about casinos, poker, gambling and card games are collected in a catalog alphabetically, so it’s easy to find the movie you need. The film description contains annotation, information about participation in festivals and awards. You will find out who played the main roles. This section contains reviews of films of domestic and foreign production. Of particular value are documentary films about players. When viewing, you can learn a new strategy and borrow experience from professional poker players, roulette or other gambling.