Mythical Arcade Games


Yes, today we could replay it on emulators. Yes now we can play online games beautiful. Yes, video games are no longer considered a subculture for teens, but have become respected as art. All this is true, and it’s worth living 2014. But almost 30 years ago, when we put a franc in the machine, and we sweat like an ox at the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčlosing his piece . We lived the real experience of video games. Let’s try to choose 12 above the lot.

Street Fighter 2 The world warrior:

At the time you thought that your cousin who was doing shoryuken and furies was a magician, and you dreamed of getting married to Chun-Li. Today, only one of them has remained true.

Pac Man:

The kids of today still know he is. This is to tell you how much this little thing has marked pop culture. If you have spent more than 10 paintings you are our god.

Turtles In Time:

Before he appeared on Super Nintendo this beat them all (one of the best of the genre all time) was only available in theaters and we could play four. A “revolution” at the time.

Metal Slug 2:

At five francs the credit makes a game as hard as that, it’s really, really bastard. Well, we forgive the creators because he was perfectly perfect.

NBA Jam :

“Boomshakalaka” . All the people who grew up with that can not help but be a little disappointed by watching basketball in real life …


Before Outrun, arcade games were boring, and since they are still. But when we had Outrun between the legs we had the real feeling of being in Miami in a Ferrari with a hen at our side. We sometimes think about it with our Clio on the periphery

Final Fight:

The must of the game of castagne. Damn it was hard, minimum 200 balls in pieces to finish


When we thought we were fighter pilots … A game that was available on NES soon after, but that made sense in the arcade.


Released in 1989 this arcade game already had all the codes and graphics of the best games of its kind on 16 Bit. A true precursor who put a nice slap on all the kids of the time.


A simple but addictive gameplay, the ancestor of all the games we play constantly on our laptops …

Virtua Striker 2:

A real football game, not a “realistic simulation” or we do not know what. Giant players, three buttons and a realism nonexistent, and yet what was it funny mess.

Cadillac and dinosaurs:

Congratulations to the guys who found this concept: “We need a beat them all you see but instead of typing sluts, guys should type bigger stuff, like dinos you see, but would have to do that in classy car, Cadillac type. “