Advantages of Email Marketing

1. Low cost with a significant Return on Investment

Email marketing platforms, like Mailchimp , simplify mailing design and delivery.

With a good emailing tool, you do not have to resort to expensive technical resources.

Therefore, this broadcast channel has a very low cost especially since sending emails is often free if you do not have thousands of subscribers.

In addition, email marketing tools have many advanced features.

For example, it is easy to send emails to your visitors based on their behavior. This practice increases the commitment and therefore ultimately your revenue.

Email marketing has above all a higher return on investment than the other levers of online marketing.

For all these reasons, 83% of B2B Marketing Managers use a newsletter to complement their Content Marketing

2. Second advantage of email marketing: simplicity and ease

This is done in 3 steps:

  1. Design your email template directly in the email editor built into your platform. In addition no need for knowledge in HTML, a good editor has a preview tool in real time your email,
  1. Choose the group of contacts to whom to address your message,
  1. Press “send”.

The segmentation of email addresses of your subscribers as well as the personalization of the contents of your e-mails are also very easy to set up.

In this way, you target specific customers with a personalized message and therefore more impact.

3. “Surgical” targeting

Do you want to offer a 25% discount on pizza orders to men aged 18-35 in the Grenoble area?

Obviously, it is necessary beforehand to collect the necessary data to achieve the segment of your customers.

Other good ideas:

Revive your subscribers who have not opened your first email, 48 hours after sending. One click and go

Contact your customers who have dropped products in their shopping cart on your e-commerce site to encourage them to finish the sale.

Does this sound magical?

Not really: just a good tool and a little practice.

In addition, this type of email recovery is very easy to automate

Then, to “educate” your prospects, design a series of emails giving him the right information at the right time.

If they find your emails relevant, these prospects will eventually get in touch with you one way or another.

4. Send custom messages

With Mailchimp, you customize your email campaigns in many ways, and of course, without additional cost.

In one click, you add in your mail:

  1. The name of the customer
  1. His city
  1. The history of his orders
  1. With this kind of customization, your customers feel valued, even if in reality all the recipients of your email list receive a little different message.

5. Immediate delivery

If you want to reach in the next 5 minutes any, or segment of your customer base with a personalized message, email marketing is the most reliable way to do it.

In addition, unlike publications on social networks, you have full control of the dissemination of your message.

SMS campaigns are also a quick way to deliver a message, but sending SMS can be very expensive.

Instantaneousity is without context a benefit of email marketing.

6. A fast response rate

Bad idea: you do not encourage your customers to contact you.

It’s a solution if you have millions of subscribers.

By cons, for a base with few subscribers, email marketing is also a way to encourage your customers to get in touch with you.

So, let your customers answer you to gather their comments, their questions … Thus, you initiate a discussion which can then lead to a sale.

Small tip : by putting your name next to the email address sending, your email is immediately more “human” and therefore you see an increase in the rate of return from your readers.

By leaving the door open for dialogue, email marketing is also a way to communicate quickly and effectively with your subscribers.

7. Measurable monitoring

The Return on Investment (ROI) of Internet Marketing is generally rather difficult to establish.

Indeed, it is necessary to know how your customers have known you. Certainly, there are systems to trace your visitors.

But email marketing is the only bidirectional way to collect the interests of your subscribers and calculate very simply the return on investment of a campaign.

To analyze the performance of your email marketing campaigns, you have access to the following indicators :

  • How many emails have arrived in the mailbox
  • How many people actually opened it
  • On which link did they click
  • And even, the income generated
  • You also have access to more technical reports, such as the type of email client used and the demographics of your customers.

With all these indicators, you evaluate, test and optimize your next email marketing campaigns to increase the commitment of your customers, and therefore your turnover.